Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tories ring fence Fat Cat NHS bosses salaries while launching a war on Nurses' wages.

These 80 fat cat jobs in the NHS earn a combined salary of almost £10,000,000 a year. They average at nearly £120,000 per post annually. This excludes pension relief, company car and bonuses. In evidence submitted to the local pay & senior salaries review, it was yesterday recommended that regional NHS bosses earning a fortune in salaries should be exempted from the regional pay review. This advice was given at the same time as plans are underway to cut the wages nurses, Health Care Assistants, porters, auxiliaries and other cleaning staff receive in the North East, North West, Midlands, South West and Yorks & Humber. This is black and white hypocrisy, inequality and double standards at its very worst. The justification for protecting high paid fat cat NHS bosses from regional pay cuts was that the roles they held were national posts not really reflective of local market conditions. Why should ordinary NHS staff lose up to 30% of the wages because they live in poorer parts of England? This could amount to a wage cut of £6,000. As I have argued many times, it is perhaps justifiable to pay those staff more, given that the need they are tending is much more acute as a result of generational inequalities.

Access the full list of high paid NHS bosses (here).

See below for a comparison in the salaries of NHS bosses in comparison to a band 5 nurse.

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