Friday, May 18, 2012

NHS Risk Reigster (for Surrey) shows Virgin deal was a disaster from the outset.

*Get your copy of the Risk Register for the Virgin takeover of NHS Surrey Community Services (here)

The graphic above is from the NHS Surrey Risk Register of 30 March 2012. It shows that Virgin Care are struggling to retain staff thus putting patient safety at risk. It also shows that Virgin are already bickering about the prices they agreed to at the time of signing the contract. This post contract wrangling should be completely disallowed. Virgin's inability to retain the staff should be factored in the next time they bid for a contract. What I am about to reveal below makes for even worse reading. It shows that the NHS were already aware of these risks before they signed the contract deal with Virgin.

The Risk Register of 30 March for NHS Surrey PCT shows that 24 hours before they unveiled that Virgin Care had been handed a £650,000,000 contract to run Community Services (NHS) in Surrey for 5 years that a litany of major problems with the deal were unresolved. I present you a copy of the risk register at this link. The risks are coded by a traffic light and suffice to say red is bad. Use the CTRL button & F at the same time to bring up a search box within the document. Then type in the word "Community" (then press enter). It will each time you press enter bring you to another major risk associated with the Virgin takeover. It shows:

  • They struggled to retain staff as a result of the proposed deal
  • They incurred extra costs because software licenses granted to the NHS do not extend to private companies
  • They incurred extra costs because leases agreed to rent properties and space had to be re-negotiated because a private company was now involved
  • They faced major implementation worries putting patients at risk because the deal had been delayed

These are just some of the risks, browse through them yourself to read more. I leave you with this thought, if these are the risks associated with one private takeover, just how bad must the national Risk Register have read? Is it any wonder that they did not publish it?

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