Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cyberknives: Our campaign to make sure your NHS has one.

This cyberknife shown above should be available to you and and your family if you need radiotherapy treatment to treat a cancer. It is 8 times more successful than chemotherapy. Currently, only 5 places in the UK have them. This one above is at Harley Street Private Clinic in London. Areas such as the North East, North West, South West, Midlands and Yorkshire & Humberside do not have access to this treatment. Update: NHS Sussex this morning have announced they are to buy 5 machines for their PCT. Great news for the people of Sussex (here).

What makes this even more galling is that there is currently a £169,000,000 underspend in the Cancer Drugs Fund for this year. This wasted millions should be used to buy the equipment above so that you and your loved ones can have access to this cutting edge treatment. We in Labour Left  have used the one click gadget below to tweet Health Ministers Paul Burstow and Anne Milton to ask them to use the Cancer Drugs Fund underspend to buy cyberknives. Please give your consideration to doing likewise. Many thanks.


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