Monday, December 17, 2012

Foreclosures Can Be Cheap Investment Properties - Lake county, FL

It may not be the happiest situation, but the reality is that banks, State, Federal and private organizations seize thousands of properties every month because of various bankruptcy and seizure laws. These properties are generally auctioned off after seizure, and can be purchased for as little as 10% of the market value of the property. Although various types of seizures exist, when a property is repossessed because the owner failed to pay the mortgage, this is specifically known as a foreclosure. Many lenders handle hundreds of these properties every month, and the cost of holding and managing them is exorbitant. So they auction them off as fast as possible to recover as much of their loss as they can. You can search the Internet and find foreclosure properties that are listed for sale. If you're looking to build an investment property portfolio, foreclosures can be a great way to grow it more quickly. Because you're buying the property so cheaply, you automatically have some equity. That means you can either borrow against that equity to help buy your next property, or you can sell the property in the normal way for market value, and pocket the difference. Naturally it would be nice if you could buy every property at 10% of its real value, but of course this doesn't happen every day. But if you do your homework and keep a close watch on the foreclosure listings, it's easy to buy properties at substantial discounts. In fact, it's likely that there will be more than you could ever manage to buy. If the homes in your own area are rather expensive, or you can't find anything that's cheap, widen your horizons and look in another city or even another state. Depending on what you plan to do with the property once you've bought it, you can find agents who are local to look after the rental or sale of it for you. If you're uncomfortable about owning property that you can't drive past once in a while, then sell off any cheap deals you find interstate, and only keep and rent out the ones that are local. The main things is to find yourself a reputable source of listings, so that you can be confident you're genuinely pursuing a good deal. Once you have a steady supply of potential purchases available to you, then it's just a question of working out a strategy for benefiting that suits your time availability, money resources and personal preference. No matter which way you choose to make money from foreclosures, there's no doubt it's there to be made. More information, visit : Lake County Investment Properties Lake County Investment Properties buys and sells houses in Lake county, FL. We have cheap investment properties. We help homeowners sell distressed properties. Lake County Investment Properties handles short sales, foreclosures, bankruptcy, probate, and just need to sell.


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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Best Portable Accommodation Product

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Telling an American You Love Them is a Turn Off

So against my better judgment I decided to enter (well tiptoe) into the world of dating in South Africa.* I arrived in South Africa with the intention of not dating anyone during my time here and using this as a period to “cleanse.” Repeated conversations with South African women about the infidelity of South African men, coupled with the fact that the average marrying age here is (I am guessing) 25 so there is a lack of eligible bachelors over 30 and the popularity of beer being apparent in the vast array of male protruding bellies, all served as a confirmation for me to stay far away from dating. However, after repeated prodding from my coworkers to be more open minded I decided to at least give one of my would be suitors a chance. I actually enjoyed myself on both of the dates I went on and thoroughly appreciated how chivalrous they both were. It’s the aftermath of those dates that has me retreating for the hills. One of my dates, repeatedly told me how much he loved me and was going to marry me at the end of our date. Following my other date, my would be suitor emailed me once, SMS me three times, and called me 5 times all in the next day. I did speak to my “I love you” date and tried to explain to him that he doesn’t know me so he can’t possibly love me. He is francophone and explained that in French there isn’t a word for “like” just “love.” That there are varying degrees of love and his love for me was small but growing every second. Needless to say this didn’t change my perspective. So being the cultural ambassador that I am, I then proceeded to try and explain my culture, particularly in regards to dating, to him. One of the great things about living in another culture is it gives you the unique opportunity to externally view your own culture. I was quite taking aback as I listened to my description of dating in America. Here is some of what I shared: Telling an American when you first meet them and don’t know them that you love them is a turn off. Americans are naturally distrustful. We believe that trust is earned not given. As such, we are guarded in our interactions and relationships until we feel that someone is trustworthy. In dating, this also manifests itself by not initially divulging your feelings, and most of the times not fully sharing your feelings until you know that the other person shares similar feelings. We are an individualistic society so we like personal space figuratively and literally. Dating in the U.S. is a game. Sort of like “cat and mouse.”