Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Private Corporation run a regime of terror at the Great Western Hospital

Carillion workers at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon have made a stand against the 18 month long bullying they have suffered at the hands of management. The Housekeeping staff at the hospital represented by GMB Union have gone on strike as a protest against the bullying that has taken place at the hospital. The hospital bosses have admitted publicly (here) that harassment and bullying at the hospital has taken place but insufficient safeguards have been put in place at the hospital. Some of the actions has included bribing & shaking down mangers for information as well as going to court to black list staff members. Some of the punishments handed out have been for trivial offence such as liking social media articles, or voicing disagreement about some aspects of public health policy or working conditions. Carillon operate a totalitarian and dictatorial regime at the Swindon Hospital.

The same hospital is undergoing a series of cuts in recent times. One ward is to be closed and staff to be dispersed throughout the hospital. Staff have been made to reapply for their jobs and have in some cases been unsuccessful. In addition, there is a drive on to create "virtual wards" at the hospital which is double speak for getting patients to treat themselves at home. A recent study published yesterday showed that patients treating themselves at home are more than 3 times more likely to die of ill health while treating themselves. Added to this, the hospital has set up an ambulance unit that treats patients off site at a holding centre so that in many cases patients do not even make it onto the wards. Staff there inform me that an increasing number of patient discharges are bouncing.

Many of these matters will be discussed tonight when former Labour MP Anne Snelgrove and the mother of Stephen Lawrence, Doreen, meet with striking staff members at a public meeting tonight (details here

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