Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Former MP is to be the leader of the NHS Party.

Former MP for Wyre Forest (Independent), Dr Richard Taylor, is to become the new Co-leader of the NHS Party "National Health Action". The party met at the weekend to formally agree its creation and during the meeting they discussed what type of platform they would run.

Instead of being a single issue pressure group, National Health Action intend to fight the next election on several issues including a growth package for the economy and a national care service. The other Co-leader of the party is set to be Dr Clive Peedell.

The party aims to contest seats where sitting MPs are perceived to have been enemies of a proper public health service. Dr Peedell has admitted that they are strongly considering running against Alan Johnson MP for example. Other MPs under threat will be Orange Book Lib Dem MPs who are perceived to have breached the trust of the electorate by helping the Tories dismantle the NHS.  Needless to say that foremost among the party's targets will be sitting Tory MPs such as Andrew Lansley himself.

Up to 250 medical staff expressed an interest in working with the group but it is thought the number of candidates could be closer to 50. The party is hoping to get a handful of MPs elected at the next election.

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